latrl_ is an application that recommends places to visit, things to do and moments to live.
  • Case Study:
    • latrl_
  • Industry:
    • Banking
    • Research
    • Retail
  • Capabilities:
    • Product
    • Strategy
    • User Experience Design
    • Big Data
    • Graphic Design
    • Design Thinking

Over the past few years, BBVA has emerged as one of the companies spearheading the shift in business paradigm in new and innovative ways. Driven by complex technical and strategic processes, they have transformed their data in commercial operations of its products and service to provide greater value to their customers.

As part of our collaboration, we were fortunate enough to participate in the formation of these new experiences. Based on data from the financial operation of the bank’s customers, a system designed to help customers decide what to buy in an urban environment, we built a mobile product that provided recommendations to users.

One of the biggest challenges for this project was based on the fact that we were unable to use images for the mobile product. The time required, along with budgetary constraints, for the sheer volume of images needed made the task virtually impossible.

We had to find a simple way for the user to define their queries to the system. We proposed a design solution that was based on the user building the query similar to that of writing a sentence. When we tested, the solution proved to be a success because the interaction with the application turned out to be much like a normal conversation. This gave it a much “softer” approach than those offered by more conventional modes of interaction with databases.

A collaborative effort with roles ranged from product strategy and concept, user experience, visual design, as well as technical development and user testing.