Canvi i Temps: Two ways of experiencing the contents of a network and its interrelations.
  • Case Study:
    • Canvi i Temps
  • Industry:
    • Social
  • Capabilities:
    • Data visualization

Canvi I Temps was displayed at the Arts Santa Mónica, as part of the exhibit Culture of Changes. We created two network browsing spaces based on a compilation of data using articles, pages, persons, and links in the field of science. Dating as far back as 1927 and using over 30 categories of fields of knowledge, the historical and transversal nature of the project gave a unique perspective on the body of research. From the collection of approaches to the strategies and tactics, from the various research methods used to its various interests, Canvi I Temps provided a novel way of experiencing the complexity of science.

Canvi I Temps offered two different ways of experiencing the contents of the network and its interrelations. Another way looked at the main structure of the data by partitioning contents from tags. By doing so, we broke off existing relations between content and tags and explored new possible relations. The resulting network posited interesting relations and unexplored paths within the contents.